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Change starts with a focused vision. Our strategists research your market and gather user insights to validate and refine early stage ideas.

Gathering information


During our research phase, we gather tons of information about your business, your market, your competition, and the overall goals and expectations of the project. It’s essential to understand the problem before we fix it.

Customer interviews


We hold 1 on 1 customer interviews to get a first-hand understanding of your users' needs, opinions, attitudes and perceptions. This helps us to identify any problems or pain points they experience. We found these interviews to be more powerful than focus groups, as avoiding the the group dynamic has led to more candid feedback.


These interviews are conducted in person or video chat so we can observe the nuances of personal expression and body language.

Stakeholder interviews

At the start of each project, we interview your company's stakeholders to discuss their roles, vision, and expectations of the project. The findings from these interviews are shared with the project team.

Competitor benchmarking

We conduct a thorough search of your competition and the wider marketplace to identify: trends, best practices, and opportunities for you to differentiate your business


We use different workshops throughout the research phase. These workshops help us brainstorm idea, gain insight, and prioritize the workflow. They can be conducted with partners, customers, or competitors. 

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