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Mobile App Monetization

Using metrics and engagement indicators we identify both monetization plans and existing monetization structures to learn their limitations. This data, combined with studying the market allows us to outline a solid roadmap for revenue stream management and improvement.

We focus on implementing high-impact campaigns and driving measurable results to meet your goals.


Strategies used:

  • Understanding key metrics and conversion goals of your app

  • Studying the consumer path and mapping the conversion process

  • Analyzing the  'user engagement' indicators by both quantitative (data mining) and qualitative (surveying/interviewing users) approaches.

  • Assessing current monetization plans and defining the user lifetime value (LTV)

  • Evaluating the app's UI & UX - making essential changes pending the consumer market

  • Implementing and testing specific marketing tactics

  • Selecting and scaling the highest performing monetization channels and approaches

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